Searching Databases Efficiently

Getting the Most Out of Databases

by James J. Czuchra

Have you used online databases in you family history research and thought you should have found what you are looking for in one but didn’t? This article, originally published in the PGSA's Rodziny and modified for online publication, addresses some strategies you might try for greater success. Your success depends on a lot of factors.

Was the information initially recorded accurately? Most records were not filled out by the party the record pertains to.

Dziennik Chicagoski 1890-1971 Death Notice Index Search

Low resolution example of a large death notice from 1940.

This online index is a compilation of death notices appearing in the Dziennik Chicagoski, Chicago's Polish daily newspaper, for the years 1890-1971. The 1930-1971 portion of the index was compiled by James J. Czuchra. He also added details to the entries for years before 1934.


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