Death Data Sources

The following table lists the locales and dates of death records that have been indexed and are searchable on this website. Use your browsers Back button to return to the search form page that brought you here.

Location Chuch Name Dates included
Blue Island, IL St. Isidore the Farmer 1911-1915
Buffalo, NY St. Stanislaus 1874-1917
Buffalo, NY Transfiguration 1893-1917
Calumet City, IL St. Andrew the Apostle 1892-1895, 1901-1915
Chicago, IL St. Adalbert 1904-1915
Chicago, IL St. Ann 1903-1915
Chicago, IL Assumption BVM 1904-Dec 1925
Chicago, IL St. Barbara 1910-1915
Chicago, IL St. Casimir 1890-1925
Chicago, IL Five Holy Martyrs 1913-1915
Chicago, IL St. Florian 1908-1915
Chicago, IL St. Francis of Assisi 1909-1915
Chicago, IL St. Hedwig 1888-1915
Chicago, IL St. Helen 1913-1915
Chicago, IL Holy Innocents 1905-1915
Chicago, IL Holy Trinity Jul 1893-Aug 1916
Chicago, IL St. Hyacinth 1896-1915
Chicago, IL Immaculate Conception 1883-1915
Chicago, IL Immaculate Heart of Mary 1912-1915
Chicago, IL St. James 1914-1915
Chicago, IL St. John Cantius Dec 1893-Dec 1915
Chicago, IL St. John of God 1907-1925
Chicago, IL St. Josaphat 1884-1915
Chicago, IL St. Joseph 1889-1915
Chicago, IL St. Ladislaus 1915
Chicago, IL St. Mary of the Angels 1899-1915
Chicago, IL St. Mary Magdalene 1910-1915
Chicago, IL St. Mary of Perpetual Help 1886-1915
Chicago, IL St. Michael 1892-1916
Chicago, IL Ss. Peter & Paul 1896-Mar 1916
Chicago, IL Sacred Heart 1910-1925
Chicago, IL St. Salomea 1900-1925
Chicago, IL St. Stanislaus B & M 1893-Dec 1915
Chicago, IL St. Stanislaus Kostka Nov 1874-Dec 1915
Chicago, IL Transfiguration 1911-1915
Chicago, IL St. Wenceslaus 1912-1915
Chicago Heights, IL St. Joseph Oct 1905-1925
Cicero, IL St. Mary of Częstochowa Jun 1895-1915
Cicero, IL St. Valentine 1912-1925
DuBois, Washington Co. IL St. Charles Borromeo 1889-1956
East St. Louis, St. Clair Co. IL St. Adalbert 1904-1956
Evanston, IL Ascension Jul 1913-Feb 1921
Harvey, IL St. John the Baptist 1914-1915
Jastrząbka Stara, POLAND Ss. Peter & Paul 1784-1902
Lemont, IL St. Alphonsus 1870-1915
Lemont, IL Ss. Cyril & Methodius 1885-1915
Lockport, IL St. Joseph 1874-1952
Mąkowarsko, POLAND St. Lawrence 1767-1809, 1816-1863
Milwaukee, WI St. Adalbert 1909-1920
Milwaukee, WI St. Hedwig 1892-May 1917
Milwaukee, WI St. Hyacinth 1892-1920
Milwaukee, WI St. John Cantius 1908-1920
Milwaukee, WI St. Josaphat Dec 1888-1906
Milwaukee, WI St. Stanislaus 1866-1877, 1892-1920
North Chicago, IL Holy Rosary 1907-1925
Otis, IN St. Mary 1873-1908
Posen, Cook Co. IL St. Stanislaus B & M 1901-1915
Posen, Washington Co. IL Our Lady of Perpetual Help 1901-1956
Radom, Washington Co. IL St. Michael the Archangel 1876-1956
Rossford, Wood Co. OH All Saints 1990-2000
Rossford, Wood Co. OH St. Mary Magdalene 1903-1990
Scheller, Jefferson Co. IL St. Barbara 1914-1956
St. Louis, MO St. Adalbert Nov 1912-Sep 1992
St. Louis, MO St. Casimir Oct 1889-Jun 1992
St. Louis, MO Our Lady of Częstochowa Nov 1908-Aug 1957
St. Louis, MO St. Stanislaus Kostka Dec 1882-Jan 1992
Summit, IL St. Joseph 1909-1915
Toledo, Lucas Co. OH St. Adalbert 1908-2000
Toledo, Lucas Co. OH St. Anthony 1882-2001
Toledo, Lucas Co. OH St. Hedwig 1886-2000
Toledo, Lucas Co. OH St. Hyacinth 1927-2001
Toledo, Lucas Co. OH Nativity 1922-1981
Toledo, Lucas Co. OH St. Stanislaus 1908-2001
Wierzchucin Królewski, pow. Bydgoszcz, POLAND Ss. Peter & Paul 1830-1859