St. Adalbert Church, Toledo, OH

The baptismal and death records of St. Adalbert Church in Toledo, OH have been added to the index. The handwriting on these records was not very good but with a judicious search strategy, successful results can be obtained. The biggest problem observed was that the 'a' letter looked like 'o'. With little or no distinction between the two letters, you might use a wild card where these letters occur to find close matches. For example, search on 'W_l_sinski' to return Walasinski, Walosinski, Wolosinski, Wolasinski, etc. There are other handwriting problems that may need to be dealt with using a similar approach.

Volume 1 has bad handwriting in many sections. As noted above, using wildcard characters is advised and don't place too much credibility in an index entry until you have seen the record image itself. Page 16 was either missing from the volume or skipped during filming. While ages are usually given, they were not recorded during 1951-1953. When ages resumed, many of them were caught in the binding and not completely visible. If a digit is followed by an x, for example, 6x, this means the age is likely in the 60s and we don't know the second digit. Inclusion of residence addresses did not become usual until 1961. Beginning in 1961, the funeral home name was regularly recorded.

The marriage records are on microfilm but are restricted because some of the records on the film are of a more recent date than the privacy restriction cutoff date. As a result, the records were not available for indexing.