Website Security and the Chrome Browser

I was contacted by the web hosting company (the one hosting this site) to say that Google Chrome will be updated in January 2017 to be more proactive in its efforts to provide for a safer browsing experience. Chrome will begin to expect that the more secure HTTPS server be used rather than the simple HTTP server used by this site. As a result, the browser may display some sort of "Not Secure" message on some pages where some sort of login field or fill-in form is used. As this site does NOT ask you for personal information or credit card numbers, the operation of the website is no less secure despite any message the browser may display. Upgrading to an HTTPS server seems like an unneeded expense at this time. As a precaution, just be sure that your login credentials to this website are not the same as those you use on other websites that contain your private information. Having separate login credentials for each website is a good practice.

Google searches order result pages based on a variety of factors. Website pages on this site will receive lower rankings because it is not using HTTPS.