Polish Roman Catholic Churches in the Diocese of Toledo, OH

The map provided plots the locations of Polish Roman Catholic Churches in the Diocese of Toledo in Ohio. While it is not clear why St. Casimir Church in Fremont, OH was not listed in The Polish-American Parish, its Polish status was confirmed in the 1984 edition of The Official Catholic Directory. St. Casimir was founded in late 1914. Bowling Green State University (BGSU) did filming of diocesan records, but there are date restrictions on their use for privacy reasons. The problem is that a restricted record could render an entire film "restricted" even though many other records on that same film precede the cutoff date. It appears that the LDS copied the films in the BGSU collection that were not restricted. Records from St. Casimir in Fremont were probably not copied because they were on a restricted microfilm. This is why St. Casimir is marked with a green church icon because none of its records were availabe for indexing. None of the marriage records for St. Adalbert were available for indexing but some of its baptismal records were. That's why the church icon for St. Adalbert is yellow.