Radom, Washington County, IL

Radom is a rural Polish farming community in Washington County, IL (map). St. Michael the Archangel is a part of the cluster of Polish parishes in the Diocese of Belleville. When the parish was begun, all records were recorded in different sections of the same volume.

The first marriages were recorded in this multipurpose volume. Not much detail was provided beyond the names of the brides and grooms. What is interesting about this volume is that at the end of the baptismal section, there is an appendix of marriages. In about 1908, the local bishop cracked down on adding a notation to the baptismal record about that person's marriage when that time came. There was not enough space in between baptismal entries to include this information so it was included as an appendix. If there was an entry in the appendix, it meant that one or both principals were baptized in Radom. A page number within the bapstismal section is usually given along with the marriage date and where the marriage took place. Insofar as some marriages did not occur in Radom, information from the appendix was indexed as marriage records. So, you may find more than one index entry for what was the same marriage. The Notes field will begin with g or b and a number. The g is for groom, b is for bride. The number that follows the letter is the page of the baptismal register on which that person is listed. The next field of the notes is the location of the marriage, if given. Any additional information is included after that. Some birthdates were given so you should consult the original image to see if that was available.
The second volume of marriages contains just marriages and generally is more detailed in the information included.