Minnesota Church Death Records

The following death index was prepared by John Rys from Polish Catholic church records in the Archdiocese of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. Here's a breakdown of what it contains.

Church Name Location Dates Covered Number of Records
All Saints Church Minneapolis, MN Oct. 6, 1916 – July 3, 1937 353
Holy Cross Church Minneapolis, MN Oct. 7, 1886 – April 3, 1937
Missing April 22, 1910- Aug. 10, 1910
Missing Sept. 8 1914 – June 5, 1915
St. Hedwig’s Church Minneapolis, MN July 31, 1915 – Dec. 6, 1937 150
St. Joseph and
St. Mary Czestochowa
Delano, MN July 14, 1904 – Sept. 15, 1939 307
St. Joseph’s Church Lexington,MN Dec. 15, 1905 – Sept 29, 1938 93
St. Philip’s Church Minneapolis, MN Dec. 8, 1908 – Sept. 24, 1922
Missing 1909-1922
Total Records 2,759

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Used by Polish Family Information with permission of the copyright owner.

Minnesota Church Death Record Index

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