We, The Milwaukee Poles: An index

We, the Milwaukee Poles
“This is a history of Milwaukeeans of Polish descent and a record of their contributions to the greatness of Milwaukee.”
It was compiled by Thaddesu Borun and sponsored by the Casimir Pulaski Council of Milwaukee “on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the city of Milwaukee and of the Polish settlement in the city.”

This book was published in 1946.

We, the Milwaukee Poles relates the story of how these immigrants help to build Milwaukee. There are sections about the churches, schools, government entities, fraternal organizations, military societies, and social clubs. These sometimes include photographs of individuals or groups. There may be short biographies of citizens or lists of participants.

Those wishing copies can either search their local library for a copy of the book or email me. I can scan a page or pages they need at no cost. The book is no longer in print, but sometimes it appears on used bookseller websites.

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