Village of Mędrzechów Birth Index

The following database is an edited version of the work John Dudek did on the village of Mędrzechów in the powiat of Dąbrowa (Tarnowska). Why was it edited? John's original work while suitable for printing did not have a consistent format that is required by computers. So most of the changes had to do with reformatting the data. This includes such issues as misplaced commas and having consistent name spellings where some were data entry errors, some were transcriptional errors, or perhaps the original records were not consistent. Only the village of Mędrzechów was indexed. The parish of Mędrzechów consisted of at least one other village (Kupienin) which was not indexed.

If you are looking for the Zagraniczny family, Mr. Dudek fairly consistently spelled it Zaglaniczny. Be careful with names containing the letter t. The Polish ł looks like a t so some of names have a t where it should be ł. Many of these errors (but not all) were corrected. For example, Pobiegto is really Pobiegło. I suspect that some immigrants from Mędrzechów settled in Bondsville, Hampden County, Massachusetts because one finds many of the same surnames in Ss. Peter & Paul Cemetery in Bondsville.

This birth index for Mędrzechów runs from 1851 through 1900 with a few miscellaneous births outside this range. The title of this work is a little misleading. It appears that only the village of Mędrzechów was indexed. The entire parish was not indexed. For example, Kupienin is a part of Mędrzechów parish but was not indexed.

Mędrzechów Birth Index

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