Gostycyn, pow. Tuchola, POLAND

Film # 72032 (DGS # 007949097)
Item 1 is a baptismal register for Gostycyn, pow. Tuchola, POLAND. It begins with lists of male persons and their fathers from 1797-1808. The dates might be birth dates. I did not index these lists. Since females are not listed, I am assuming these lists were kept for army conscription purposes.

As the volume continues, many years are missing or incomplete. In some cases, only one of two facing pages were found leading to very incomplete records. There are some records for 1814, 1828, 1833-1839, 1848-1879. Except as noted above, any available birth/baptismal record was indexed. Though the LDS already has an index to these births, they were very poorly indexed and it was easier to do my own index than to try to correct errors within the Family Search system.

Surnames were not recorded consistently in the register so I did some editing to make the surnames more consistent. For example oi or oy names were changed to the more modern oj form as in Woitalewicz or Woytalewicz to become Wojtalewicz. The variants are frequently direct sound-alikes. Below are listed some of the variants seen that you might want to try when doing your search:

Berendt, Berend, Berent, Behrendt
Brzószczyk, Bruszyk
Bubolc, Bubolz, Buboltz
Bucholt, Bucholz, Buchholz, Bukolt
Ciżma, Cismowski, Cizmowski, Czysmowski, Czyzmowski, Czyżma, Czyżemka, Cysmowski, Ciżmów
Deja, Dea In some instances the j was added to Dea after the record was recorded.
Domek, Dumek
Figel, Figielski
Frozyn, Frosin, Frusina
Gackowski, Gatzkowski
Głowczewski, Głowszewski
Gnacinski, Gnaczynski
Grajkowski, Graikowski
Hafka, Haffka, Haftka, Hafke
Herman, Hermann
Hoppe, Happe
Klemont, Klemon
Kloska, Kluska
Kolassa, Kolossa
Kwasigroch, Quasigrich
Lackowski, Lacek, Latzek
Modrzejewski, Mondrzejewski Many of the Mondrzejewski instances have the n crossed out. While I saw zero instances of Mądrzejewski in this register, it could account for the Mondrzejewski spelling which sounds alike. The ą perhaps morphed into an o to give Modrzejewski
Mulzof, Mulzow, Muzolf, Mulzoff
Mydłach, Mydlak, Mydlag, Midlach
Okunek, Okonek
Parszyk, Parczyk
Polasik, Polaszyk
Prill, Pril, Pryll, Pryl
Rolbiecki, Rólbiecki, Rulbiecki, Lorbicki, Lurbiecki
Rybicki, Rybycki
Sass, Saas, Soss
Semrau, Semerau
Szczepański, Szepański, Czepański
Szwanc, Schwanz
Talaszka, Talaska, Thalaska
Theil, Teil
Wilandt, Wiland
Wojnarowicz, Woynarowicz
Wojtalewicz, Woitalewicz, Woytalewicz
Wolszleger, Wolszlegier, Wolschlegier, Wollschleger, Wolschlaeger
Zmych, Zmich
Zwiewka, Swiewka