Assumption BVM, Chicago

Volume 1 contains births, marriages, etc. It is on film 1548451, item 1. If you are using, select Assumption BVM Parish (Chicago: 123rd St) as there are several with the same name. This is the Polish church. Volume 1 is the item called "Baptisms, marriages, deaths, confirmations 1903-1913". Make sure you are in the correct record set when looking up a record. For example, you are not likely to find the birth record if you are looking in the marriage section of the volume. Some of the early pages of the baptismal section are not numbered (actually the page numbers were worn off). In the online index, the first image with a baptism is page 1 and each image thereafter is numbered sequentially after that. Since there aren't too many of them, you can count them out from the beginning of the baptismal section. Records on these particular pages had enumeration numbers that can be used to locate them but not all of them are visible. Parts of those pages were flaking or worn off so some information is lost. Aside from the deterioration problem, the mother's surname was often left out of the record as was the date of birth. A few images into the volume, the pages began to have regular numbers (1, 2, etc.) and there are two numbers per image. Once the pages started to be numbered the completeness of the records got better. These begin The manuscript index for baptisms in volume 1 included only the births registered on the numbered pages.

Volume 2 of baptisms is film 1548451, item 2 for baptisms through 1915. On, the film images are in "Baptisms 1910-1915". IMPORTANT: When image numbers are given, they refer to the "Baptisms 1910-1925 with index" item which is a refilming of the records and then continues beyond that to 1925.

Volume 2 of marriages is on film 1548451, item 3 and includes 1910-1915 records. On, these same records and others beyond 1915 are found in item "Marriages 1910-1925 with index". For a few years, the place of origin was included in the record.